Prioritize kids icon

Prioritize Kids Above All

Every decision I make will be focused on maximizing outcomes for students. That may seem obvious, but even good intentions can place adult issues ahead of the needs of students. Using good data, my decisions will put kids first.

Celebrate teachers

Celebrate Amazing Teachers

Teachers are the most important part of maximizing student outcomes. First, we must pay teachers more, train and support them well, and provide an excellent working environment. Second, we must continue celebrating great teachers and encourage others with performance-based pay that rewards excellence and effectiveness.

Great schools icon

Great Schools Build Great Neighborhoods

Schools thrive when communities embrace them. Neighborhoods thrive with excellent public schools. Schools should be vibrant centers for all our neighborhoods. I will be a passionate advocate to the District 1 community, sharing the incredible things happening in our schools and working to build partnerships between schools and communities.

Partnerships icon

Encourage Parent Partnerships

Parents are key drivers in their kids’ education, and they should always feel welcome in our schools. I will listen to parents as they seek the best for their kids.

Innovate icon

Keep Innovating, Keep Striving

We must keep innovating and never settle. I will encourage a culture where new ideas are welcomed with a “yes and” mentality, while maintaining urgency because every student matters.

Safety icon

Ensure Safe Schools

Students and teachers need safe environments to learn and teach, and parents need to know their kids are safe in Dallas ISD. I will prioritize the infrastructure and resources we need to keep our schools safe.

Fiscal icon

Support Sound Fiscal Policy

Trustees have a duty to be excellent stewards of the resources the taxpayers have graciously given to Dallas ISD. As a partner in a law firm, I am a small business owner. I have also represented many clients navigating important challenges in the lives of their companies, working extensively with their budgets and finances. I am an experienced professional committed to fiscal responsibility, healthy accountability, and full transparency.